Album review 'Turning Points'

Emerging Folk

"Swedish folk artist Mattias Lies calms a coming storm on his new single Light & Ease.  Included on his new album Turning Points, the single is a classic folk style novella, executed perfectly by his soft touch on guitar and believable vocal performance.  There is a warm vintage tone to the recording, produced like a time machine placing it in the mid 60s golden folk period.  Fans of Bonny Light Horseman and Angelo De Augustine will enjoy Mattias Lies and his ability to make familiar folk sound new.  Like a folk Shaman, Mattias spreads his message through song."

- Emerging Folk, Philadelphia 

Album review 'Turning Points'


"Turning Points as an album really displays Mattias Lies’ indie-folk experience, complete with his well-meaning lyrics and succinct vocals and harmonies. This is yet another feather in Lies’ cap and anothersisu ( Finnish word similar to gutsy) step towards embracing and introspecting on one’s experiences. The best part about Mattias Lies and the magic he has crafted with his albums, especially Turning Points is the almost universal experience of wanting to relate to music that comforts you and gives you a sense of purpose. The album doesn’t shove these beautiful songs down your throat but invites you to listen and unwind with it."

Sharon Serrao, Sinusoidal, India 

He always wears his heart on his sleeve and has a voice that feels like a cozy fire place. Mattias is on his way to solidifying his place in the music industry and is set to having a lasting impact on the industry as a whole. After having a chance to listen to a lot of his tracks, we here at The study Lounge are definitely fans. We are pleased to present you all with his single, ‘The Great Divide’.” - The Study Lounge, Detroit Michigan

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Album review 'Turning Points'


The music critic Lennart Götesson reviews the new album.

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Mattias shares his backstory and the processes behind the new album 'Turning Points'.

Single Review 'The Great Divide'

The Other Side Reviews

"Lies’ vocals call to your soul over the gentle piano that opens the track. There is a poetic turn to the lyrics that add a sense of depth to the message. The imagery he weaves into the lyrics are powerful and really connect with a part of your soul that you never knew needed nurturing. His voice is a soothing balm over your skin while slinging a friendly arm around you to comfort you. The chorus sweeps through your senses and has you feeling the ruffle of a gentle breeze.”

Claudia M, The Other Side Reviews

Mattias Lies brings one of the biggest releases of the year with the superb lyricism of “The Great Divide”!” - Alessandro Iglesias

Roadie Music, Brazil (This review is written in several different languages)

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