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Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced while creating "Höst & Landet som icke är?"

"As I reconnected with my biological family and Finnish heritage after two decades apart, 'Voices from the Karelian Isthmus' began to take shape. Yet, amidst the album's creation, grief struck with the sudden passing of my mother. While her loss was profound, the shared gratitude for our reunion resonated beyond words, becoming a powerful source of solace during the grieving process. This album, then, is a declaration of love - to Edith Södergran, to my mother, and to the roots that continue to nourish me. It's my ongoing journey of personal peace, woven into the very fabric of these songs."

What is your songwriting process like? How do you usually start crafting a new song?

Melodies often weave their way into my life, inspiring me to weave words to match. This time, however, a magical transformation occurred. Though a century may separate us, the distance between Edith and myself vanished the moment I discovered that the melodies of her poems were already within me. These same melodies had already graced me in recent years, whispering through the air as I sat at the grand piano in Bingsjö rectory. It felt as though her spirit danced beside me, guiding the music towards me. Unwittingly, I had become the voice for her poems, and now, just one final step remained: to share these songs with the world, alongside the talents of my colleagues.


Singel Review- "Höst & Landet som icke är" March 4th 2024

Illustrated Magazine (USA, New York)

Mattias Lies’ latest release, “Höst & Landet som icke är,” presents a captivating interpretation of the timeless poetry of Edith Södergran, a Swedish-speaking Finnish poet known for her modernist approach and profound reflections on life and nature. Building upon the success of his previous Edith Södergran single, Lies pays homage to the poet’s rich literary legacy and proves to be a sensitive interpreter of poetry.

The song opens with the evocative poem “Höst,” capturing the essence of Södergran’s youth poetry. Lies’ delicate acoustic guitar work and soft piano accompaniment create a serene backdrop for his thick, deep vocals, which resonate with raw authenticity. The bridge brings dynamism with a solo and transitions seamlessly into “Landet som icke är,” penned shortly before the poet’s passing in 1923.

Lies masterfully captures the essence of Södergran’s introspective reflections on life and the mysteries of existence. The gentle piano melodies ripple alongside ethereal backing vocals to provide a touching backdrop for Lies’ poignant recitation, infusing the poem with longing and melancholy.

Throughout the song, Lies’ arrangements balance reverence for the source material and artistic interpretation. The way he musically elevates Södergran’s words speaks to the enduring power of art to transcend time and space, resonating with audiences across generations.

Review By: Naomi Joan

Single Review "Höst & Landet som icke är" February 27th

Roadie Music Magazine (Brazil)

Mattias Lies honors his mother tongue Swedish and, firmly, does not embrace the universal language English in order to make his song more commercial.

With the entry of the flute and cello, Höst & Landet som icke är not only has a more dramatic harmony, but also has its folkloric character amplified. This way, the listener's attention is easily captured, even with little or no understanding of what is being brought to the narrative.

Reviewed by Diego Pinheiro

Single Review - "Höst & Landet som icke är"

Indie Dock Music Blog (Liverpool)

Swedish artist Mattias Lies presented the second single from the new upcoming full-length album 'The voice from the Karelian Isthmus' / 'Rösten från det Karelska näset'.

The song 'Höst & Landet som icke är' is another adaptation of the poetic work of the unsurpassed Finnish-Swedish poetess Edith Södergran, which has already become a classic of world modernist literature. Mattias Lies together with his musical team gently reveals the deep poetry of Edith Södergran. He perfectly understands her philosophy and her worldview is close to him because he himself is a Swedish-Finnish.  

The song 'Höst & Landet som icke är' found its own musical composition where pure poetry intersects with acoustic musical instruments. A beautiful melody perfectly conveys the meaning and atmosphere of this poem. Mattias Lies feels every word and every note in this song adds intimacy and sorrowful contemplation.  

Listen to the single 'Höst & Landet som icke är' from Mattias Lies on Spotify below and wait for the release of the entire album to fully immerse yourself in the poetic fairy tale world of Edith Södergran.

Album review 'Turning Points'

Emerging Folk

"Swedish folk artist Mattias Lies calms a coming storm on his new single Light & Ease.  Included on his new album Turning Points, the single is a classic folk style novella, executed perfectly by his soft touch on guitar and believable vocal performance.  There is a warm vintage tone to the recording, produced like a time machine placing it in the mid 60s golden folk period.  Fans of Bonny Light Horseman and Angelo De Augustine will enjoy Mattias Lies and his ability to make familiar folk sound new.  Like a folk Shaman, Mattias spreads his message through song."

- Emerging Folk, Philadelphia 

Album review 'Turning Points'


"Turning Points as an album really displays Mattias Lies’ indie-folk experience, complete with his well-meaning lyrics and succinct vocals and harmonies. This is yet another feather in Lies’ cap and anothersisu ( Finnish word similar to gutsy) step towards embracing and introspecting on one’s experiences. The best part about Mattias Lies and the magic he has crafted with his albums, especially Turning Points is the almost universal experience of wanting to relate to music that comforts you and gives you a sense of purpose. The album doesn’t shove these beautiful songs down your throat but invites you to listen and unwind with it."

Sharon Serrao, Sinusoidal, India 

He always wears his heart on his sleeve and has a voice that feels like a cozy fire place. Mattias is on his way to solidifying his place in the music industry and is set to having a lasting impact on the industry as a whole. After having a chance to listen to a lot of his tracks, we here at The study Lounge are definitely fans. We are pleased to present you all with his single, ‘The Great Divide’.” - The Study Lounge, Detroit Michigan

Gifted Balance Records

Album review 'Turning Points'


The music critic Lennart Götesson reviews the new album.

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