Said about "Silver & Gold", "Arvet"(2018) and "Still believe in Lies (2013)

‘Silver & Gold’ is all about the illusive hunt for success and fortune, which is commonly associated with dollar signs and material well-being. ”My great challenge has always been, to live in the present, to enjoy life while I can. Back in the days I was getting burn out every now and then. I constantly gave more than I received, in any kind of situation, and I always ended up feeling empty as a bottle. I come from a hard working bloodline where people identify each other depending on what you do, forgetting about the person behind the badge. The day I realized this my life became easier. If you don’t like what you do for a living then it’s hard to fulfill your true potential. To me it works that way and I guess a lot of people out there will recognize themselves while listening to the song”. This baroque dipped pop goodness, dressed in the charms of folk edges, makes life living, when listening. It’s a charming note to what we humans could be to each other. The good and the bad, can work together with better understanding and patience. Mattias’ work is right on.” - CHF STAFF

Come Here Floyd (Music Blog)

("Arvet") - It’s folk music, rock, a bit of country and a touch of jazz. Mattias Lies has created his very own blend of musical styles with compelling authenticity. The lyrics often describe the struggles of life and, even without the music, they function as pure poetry. In the same way, the music is strong enough to stand on its own. Combined, the two have a powerful and moving effect. Mattias has really done something with his fourth album and what he has done is to give us something that is not merely entertaining. He has also given us something that is deeply thought provoking.” - Lennart Götesson


("Still believe in Lies") - The new album is a dramatic departure from his former albums. The progress concerning the music and the sound is beyond the average even if you do recognize some of the elements. “Still believe in Lies” is dark, thoughtful and sometimes it reveals a passionate transcendental Mattias. It’s an electrified crossover between blues and rock sprinkled with Indie-pop, always with a sound a bit dirtier, rougher than before; a sound which is giving the melodies and the lyrics a legit space. ” - Magnus Sjöberg

GAFFA, 2013

Said about the new single "Maze of Blues"

A tune about the awakening of our true self, Mattias Lies has hit a nail in the quintessential coffin. Mattias hooked up with Jens Larsson to produce this track from the new album for release this June. This Swedish troubadour is a brilliant songwriter, and quite brilliant at delivering a moving story to hold on to. His lyrics are fresh and uncluttered. The phrasing in this tune are bright, and easy to follow. This is a remarkable tune that builds into some beautiful climaxes. ”We’ve created a society where we’re running in a hamster wheel. Our ambitions are too high and prevent us from connecting to a deeper emotional state. We keep forgetting about this but sometimes, just like it occurred to me in the song, a reminder pops up unexpectedly. I believe all dreams convey a certain message from our subconscious mind. My dream revealed a hidden longing to be accepted for who I am. It took a lot of emotional courage because the insight required me to leave the past behind and to be open and vulnerable. I strive to keep it this way but too much work makes me dizzy I guess.”” - Independent Music Review


Said about "Mattias Lies"(2006) and "Messages" 2008

("Mattias Lies") - "Mattias' music is living breathing passion, sprinkled with love and gritty authenticity. He burns for his music, glowing like a beacon of folk music for the 21st century. A light that allows you to go home musically and spiritually. Now it is only up to us to follow him, and his voice, along the way back to ourselves. A voice which finds no equal in the Swedish folk music scene, you will find no better guide than Mattias Lies. ” - Ola Karlsson

Nöjesnytt, Växjö 2006

("Messages") - "His voice tears and soothes the soul, and opens up the inner-most feelings of the audience. "In the blue" is in radio play rotation now, and it is most well-deserving of that status. ” - Björn G Stenberg

— Uppsala Nya Tidning, 2008

("Messages") - "Mattias takes the folksy roots of Bob Dylan and Neil Young and plucks out the smooth sounds of West Coat Rock. He does it with style and a fantastic voice that drips with feeling."” - Jessica Dalman

— Dalarnas Tidningar, 2008

Live reviews

“Mattias Lies proves to be an experienced singer-songwriter from Falun and the music is catchy folk rock with a touch of Americana. With a great voice and a particularly well-playing band, Mattias delivers a bunch of songs that make me wonder; how did I ever manage not discovering this guy? As a whole experience, it becomes an equally generous and intense as intimate gig “ ” - Magnus Sundell

— Indrag, 2012

"Mattias Lies brings a fantastic musical performance that feels too big and too good for CC-Puben and litte Gävle. It could have been Bob Dylan, Neil Young or Tom Petty. But no, it was none of those legends. It was Mattias Lies that made the music seem immortal without compromising his own artistic integrity."” - Andreas Jakobsson

— Gävle Dagblad, 2010