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Cover art "Turning Points" Art work by Sharing Moments
Upcoming album "Turning Points" slated for release October 15th
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Press release "The Great Divide", September 24th The second single from the upcoming album "Turning Points" 10.6 MB
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Press release "The Great Divide" Swedish Presstext till andra singeln "The Great Divide" från kommande fullängdare "Turning Points" 10.6 MB
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Photo & Artwork by Josef Mauritzson
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"Turning Points"

Press release 

New album release: Turning Points 

Date of release: October 15th 2021 

Label: MTA Production/ Quality Recordings 

Singer-songwriter Mattias Lies writes music based on his own story and the transformative journey he has made. With an open heart and a lot of sisu* he has released five albums and toured in both Sweden and the USA where he shared his experiences through his music. The new album “Turning Points”, with Daniel Ögren as producer, is on its way and just as the title suggests, it describes various turning points that have taken place in Lie’s eventful life. 

For Mattias Lies, songwriting has served as a compass needle, a therapeutic tool that has helped make the world a little more understandable. Those who have listened to Mattias’ music also understand that his own upbringing was not a dance on roses. On the other hand one should not judge him as a bird of sorrow - on the contrary, he is living proof of how to transform pain into mature optimism. Even if the music is rooted in melancholy, it exudes both joy and hope. Mattias shares his transformative journey with the following words: 

“There can be a thin line between a blessing and a curse. I despised my dark history until the day I finished mourning. On the therapy bench, in the songwriting workshop and in the woods, I have tied loose threads together. Today I own my story, it has made me who I am and I feel proud of that. Like my ancestors, I have a lot of sisu and have never given up. I have been reconciled with the past and I want to share that journey with you.”

*Sisu: A person with sisu is characterized by being purposeful, persistent, resilient and possessing a high degree of grit and bravery. 


Comment on the album from Mattias 

This record has its origins in various turning points that have taken place in my life where I’ve achieved some form of acceptance. Many times these turning points have occurred as I gave up my persistent attempts to turn the wheels in the right direction. Other times, the answers have come as a result of me refusing to give up, because there was no other option.

I have become friends with my inner shadows and accepted that they’re a part of me. In fact, if I had closed my eyes to their existence I would never have come to the realization of who I am and the turning points in life would have been far fewer. Blind spots have become visible, the perspectives have broadened, the world is a bit more colorful than before.

I have always thought that if one of my songs makes a difference to another person, then I  have succeeded. Life continues forward and I hope that you will enjoy listening.