"Mattias Lies sets music to the poetry of his Finnish sister Edith Södergran" - KLINGAN, SR P2 (Time: 41:08)” - Esmeralda Moberg

Sveriges Radio P2 Klingan, April 20th

"Light & Ease" official music video


Picked up on a certain Simon & Garfunkel like folk sprawl here and that was before Art wandered into our lives after all these years. It is a faithful take on a formula that is as virulent as it was back at the peak of their fame. Despite all that this track allows for all sorts of meaningful disengagement from the constant poking and prodding of modern life, because it disentangles itself from wi-fi and alerts to instead roam the signal free country meadows where we were always at our happiest. Mattias is definitely onto something here and soon we will follow his every word. ” - mp3hugger

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Words about "highs & Lows"

There is a lovely warm glow that arrives with this album. It is a typically reflective piece of work, not uncommon in this genre, but at the back end of what has seemed like an interminably miserable year, it is, as a well-known Peruvian bear might have opined had he been so inclined, a marmalade sandwich for the soul on a dark December day.” - Peter Churchill


A short film made by George Grigoriadis

"Deadliest of Stars"

Music video "Silver & Gold"


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