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New single "Maze of Blues"

Mattias Lies new single “Maze of Blues” is a hymn to the paradoxical awakening of our true selves. The message of the song becomes relevant in this pandemic era as we question our values and beliefs.

Back in 2018 while Mattias was touring in North Carolina he was inspired to write the songs of the new album “Highs & Lows”. Mattias Lies and co-producer Jens Larsson produced the new album and it’s scheduled for release on June 30th 2020.

”The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” These words are usually credited to the acclaimed genius Albert Einstein. Mattias refers to the quote while talking about the new single:

”We’ve created a society where we’re running in a hamster wheel. Our ambitions are too high and prevent us from connecting to a deeper emotional state. We keep forgetting about this but sometimes, just like it occurred to me in the song, a reminder pops up unexpectedly. I believe all dreams convey a certain message from our subconscious mind. My dream revealed a hidden longing to be accepted for who I am. It took a lot of emotional courage because the insight required me to leave the past behind and to be open and vulnerable. I strive to keep it this way but too much work makes me dizzy I guess.”

Through the years the music of Mattias Lies has received a lot of attention from Swedish radio stations and television channels. If you’re lucky enough to have experienced Mattias Lies live, then you’ll definitely want to see him again. And if you haven’t caught the act yet – get out there, you’re missing something special!



The new single ”Maze of Blues” will be available on Spotify, ITunes/ Apple Music, and Deezer etc. The music agency Dalapop is releasing the single on their label Valley Music.



Tour summer 2020

  • May 30th, Finnbo
  • July 11th, Arvselens fäbod, Malung
  • August 1st, Holmöns visfestival, Umeå (cancelled)
  • August 8th, Thunströms Köpmansgård, Falun


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Contact:   Ph: Mattias +4670-776 02 80


Artwork by George Grigoriadis