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New single "Silver & Gold"

The successful summer tour ended up in the studio where Mattias Lies recorded the new single “Silver & Gold”. It's a feel-good song with influences from the pop scene of the 1960’s. It’s all about the elusive hunt for success and fortune, which is commonly associated with dollar signs and material well-being. The upcoming full-length album “Highs & Lows” is  the fifth studio album of Mattias Lies, scheduled for release in April 2020.

Mattias Lies is a seeker, a philosopher, and a strong character who is looking for meaning in life and a musician who believes in the healing forces of music. These are Mattias own words about the new single:

”My great challenge has always been, to live in the present, to enjoy life while I can. Back in the days I was getting burn out every now and then. I constantly gave more than I received, in any kind of situation, and I always ended up feeling empty as a bottle. I come from a hard working bloodline where people identify each other depending on what you do, forgetting about the person behind the badge. The day I realized this my life became easier. If you don’t like what you do for a living then it’s hard to fulfill your true potential. To me it works that way and I guess a lot of people out there will recognize themselves while listening to the song”.

Through the years the music of Mattias Lies got a lot of attention among the Swedish radio channels, including television If you’re lucky enough to experience Mattias Lies live, then you’ll definitely want to see him again. And if you haven’t caught the act yet – get out there, you’re missing something special!

The new single ”Silver & Gold” will be available at Spotify, ITunes/ Apple Music, and Deezer etc. The music agency Dalapop is releasing the single on their label Valley Music. The song is produced by Mattias, engineered and mixed by Magnus Bergman, Little Big Pink Studio.


Tour spring 2020

  • Fbruary 21th- Liljan, Borlänge, Supporting Jay Smith.
  • April 25th, Out n’loud, Hedemora
  • May 2nd, Café Himlavalvet, Stockholm
  • May 30th Finnbo
  • August 8th, Thunströms Köpmansgård, Falun


Check out the tour schedule at for further updates!

Contact:   Ph: Mattias +4670-776 02 80