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Gigs 2019

April 19-20th – Art See Ocean Gallery - Vernissage gig
Admission: Address: Nynäs Sandvik 1, 610 75 Västerljung, Sweden Time: 17:00

April 25th, – Hijazz - On stage: Mattias Lies & Coste Apetrea Trio
Admission: Address: Östra Ågatan 93, 75318 Uppsala, Sweden Time: 20:00

May 11th, – Pub Engelen -
Admission: Address: Kornhamnstorg 59B Gamla Stan 111 27 Stockholm Time: 21:00

June 21st, – Sundborn church, "Midsummer night music" Mr. Lies will perform a rare selection of his own songs in his native village Sundborn.
Admission: Address: Kyrkvägen 20, 790 15 Sundborn Time: 22:00

July 19th – Thunströms köpmansgård
"Mattias Lies unplugged"
Address: Slaggatan 31 Falun, Sweden 79170 Tid: 19:00

July 24-25th, – Hotel Hulingen
Admission: Address: Oskarsgatan 41, 577 22 Hultsfred Time: 20:00

September 1st, – Kristinegården
Admission: Address: Kristinegatan 11, Falun Time: TBA

September, 7th – Tjärnafestivalen
Address: Tjärna Ängar, Borlänge Time: TBA

Oktober, 30th– South Side Cavern
Address: Hornsgatan 104, 117 26 Stockholm, Sweden Time: TBA

27:e November – Guide Arena, Lugnet
Gig in between the periods when our great local team, former swedish champions Falu IBF is confronting team Sirius.
Address: Lugnetvägen 83, 791 83 Falun, Sweden Time: 18.30

GIGS 2018

Nov 24th, 2018 – Kulturgaraget, Avesta
Admission: Address: Månsbovägen 12, avesta Time: 19:30

June 21st, 2018 – Dreamchaser’s Brewery
Admission: : N/A. Address:115 E. NORTH MAIN STREET, WAXHAW, NC28173 Time: 21:00

June 23rd, 2018 – Lake Norman, Mooresville (Charlotte)
Admission: Private Party: N/A. Mooresville, Charlotte Time: TBA

June 25th, 2018 – The Evening Muse
Admission: : N/A. Address:3227 N. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

June 26th, 2018 – Moochies Tavern
Admission: Address:15060 Idlewild Rd, Matthews, NC 28104 Time: 6:30 pm

July 12th, 2018 – Erik Larsgården, Avesta
Admission: No age restriction: N/A. Brovallen, 775 96 Avesta Time: 14:00

July 13- 14th, 2018 – Rättviks Bowling & Krog, Rättvik
Admission: Address: Enåbadsvägen 2, 795 32 Rättvik Time: 19.00

July 19- 20th, 2018 – Rättviks Bowling & Krog, Rättvik
Admission: 18+ Address: Enåbadsvägen 2, 795 32 Rättvik Time: 19.00

Mars 17th, 2018 – Cozmoz, Borlänge
Support gala for Afrin Admission: No age restriction: Address: Engelbrektsgatan 34-36, 791 81 Borlänge Time: 19.00

Mars 31st, 2018 – Snöå bruk, Järna
Admission: No age restriction: Address: Snöån 9, Järna Time: 18.00-21.00

Said about Mattias

Mattias Lies "live"

CC PUB, Gävle
"Mattias Lies brings a fantastic musical performance that feels too big and too good for CC-Puben and little Gävle. It could have been Bob Dylan, Neil Young or Tom Petty, but it’s not. It was Mattias Lies that made the music seem immortal without compromising his own artistic integrity."
Andreas Jakobsson, Gävle Dagblad

Frizon Festival, Örebro
"Mattias Lies proves to be an experienced singer-songwriter from Falun and the music is catchy folk rock with a touch of Americana. With a great voice and a particularly well-playing band, Mattias delivers a bunch of songs that make me wonder; how did I ever manage not discovering this guy? As a whole experience, it becomes an equally generous and intense as intimate gig "
Magnus Sundell, Indrag

Said about ”Arvet”, 2018

”It’s folk music, rock, a bit of country and a touch of jazz. Mattias Lies has created his very own blend of musical styles with compelling authenticity. The lyrics often describe the struggles of life and, even without the music, they function as pure poetry. In the same way, the music is strong enough to stand on its own. Combined, the two have a powerful and moving effect. Mattias has really done something with his fourth album and what he has done is to give us something that is not merely entertaining. He has also given us something that is deeply thought provoking.”
Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten

Said about ”Still believe in Lies”, 2013

”Mattias Lies utvecklar sin musik och sitt sound för varje album han släpper. Inte så där steg-för-steg som är brukligt i musiksammanhang, utan mer dramatiskt. Ibland som toner från svensk indiehistoria, ibland som en elektrifierad korsning av blues och rock, alltid med en ljudbild som är lite skitigare än tidigare, lite dovare, lite tyngre; ett sound som ger mer djup till melodierna, till texterna.”
Magnus Sjöberg, GAFFA 4 stjärnor

Said about ”Still believe in Lies”, 2013

” ”Hm så här bra är skivan - jipppieeja. Bra rock och pop som levereras av en säker artist som jag hör för första gången i mitt liv. Överraskande bra måste jag tillägga då musiken har så många nyanser som blir klockrena träffpunkter att relatera till och det just relationer, livsbetraktelser från en mogen och stilsäker musikant. Man kan lugnt påstå att det är en av kommande vinterns finaste musikaliska ögonblick.”
Micheles Kindh, Blaskan - @@@@

Said about ”Messages” 2008

"His voice tears and soothes the soul, and opens up the inner-most feelings of the audience. "In the blue" is in radio play rotation now, and it is most well-deserving of that status. "
BJÖRN G STENBERG, Uppsala Nya Tidning

"Whatever genre it may be – Radio rock, Country or Blues, Mattias finds a way to impress."
Mikael Mjörnberg, Joyzine.se

"Mattias takes the folksy roots of Bob Dylan and Neil Young and plucks out the smooth sounds of West Coat Rock. He does it with style and a fantastic voice that drips with feeling."
JESSICA DALMAN, Dalarnas Tidningar

Said about ”Mattias Lies” 2006

"Mattias' music is living breathing passion, sprinkled with love and gritty authenticity. He burns for his music, glowing like a beacon of folk music for the 21st century. A light that allows you to go home musically and spiritually. Now it is only up to us to follow him, and his voice, along the way back to ourselves. A voice which finds no equal in the Swedish folk music scene, you will find no better guide than Mattias Lies"
Ola Karlsson, Nöjesnytt



“En plats på jorden”

Words from the pressrelease: Mahatma Gandhi once said said, “The path is the goal”. No matter what we believe in there are moments in life when many roads are converging. That’s when we need to evaluate the question of who we are and what our purpose is over and over again, mostly without having access to a map nor a compass. Translated, the title of the new single means “A place on earth” and it deals with a bygone era, a journey through life in search for a greater belonging. The new single is a personal escapade in search for awareness of ones self and the world despite the lack of love and light.

...While I’m looking in the rear view-mirror I can see myself stumbling at the road trying to understand the shadows of my past life. Somehow the craziest of moments got me into unexpected situations that made me see things from another angle. It’s a kind of a paradox but I ran into the most valuable answers while I was staring into the face of insanity. Thanks to all of this I’ve managed to grow as an individual and I also feel privileged because I get to share my story with others. I hope the song will appeal to you.


2018, Some words about “Dr. Jekyll”

April 30th is the release date for my new single "Dr. Jekyll". The song is inspired by the movie "Fight club" but it's also a personal reflection upon a society affected by perfectionism and short-term thinking. One day I started to think about Tyler Durden and the way he physically was beating himself up. This reminded me of how I used to blame myself for not living up to the perfect expectations that I was dealing with. Later in life I realized I wasn't the only one playing this game. Perfectionism is affecting a lot of people in their daily life in various ways. Low self esteem combined with unrealistic expectations can drive anyone to the verge of insanity. The new single "Dr. Jekyll" is available at Spotify, ITunes/ Apple Music, Amazon.com etc. The music agency Dalapop is supporting the project and they've also released the single on their label Valley Music. "Dr. Jekyll" is produced and recorded by yours truly with a helping hand from Magnus Bergman, who produced my earlier albums


2018, Some words about “Arvet”

It’s about time for me to release yet another album… Through my entire life I’ve been searching for different contexts to confirm who I am and the world of music has never been an exception. Now, twelve years has passed since the release of my self-titled debut. I’ve been gaining attention among the Swedish radio channels, touring, performed live in TV and I’ve also released another two albums. No big break through yet but I’ve been having a good time anyway and I’m still thankful for the support from my followers.

I came to terms with a lot of things meanwhile I was writing the new album and again, the music became my wall of reflection. There was a time when I tried to connect to common beliefs of fame and fortune, which is celebrated by our materialistic society. Luckily I sobered up from these energies as I started to question my own values. After some time I found comfort in reaching out for the right reasons and it changed my perspective of what I’m doing for real. Nowadays I put a higher value into what I do. I’ve reached a greater insight of my needs to be present in the moment, weather I perform or writing songs. Otherwise music becomes meaningless and I could go of selling cars instead.

“Arvet” is the Swedish word for heritage and I inherited a lot of things from both my parents and ancestors. This includes things that I’m proud of but likewise matters which has been hard to handle. Most of the songs on my new album are self-biographical and they are the blue prints of my expeditions in the past. Through my upbringing I was taught not to dig in the past but it did not help. Instead it made me even more curious. As a matter of fact this quality of mine has been helping me to reconcile with my past. At last, if you’re not into Swedish I hope you will benefit from simply tuning in to the energy of these songs. Please feel free to drop me a line if there is anything you might wonder about concerning my music.



2019, The new single: "En plats på jorden”

Lately Mattias Lies released the two new singles “En plats på jorden” and ”Dr. Jekyll”. Several Spotify curators added the songs to their playlists and an increasing amount of new followers discovered the honest and gritty music of Mr. Lies. Mattias has been touring frequently during at venues like the Malungsfors visfestival and Hotel Hulingen, Hultsfred to mention a few. By October 30th he will release the new single "Silver & Gold". Read more about the new singles in the biography or download the pressrelease! The music of Mattias Lies is available at Spotify, ITunes/ Apple Music, and Amazon etc. The music agency Dalapop is supporting the project and they're also releasing the single on their label Valley Music.


June 23rd 2018 Swedish singer-songwriter Mattias Lies released his fourth album “Arvet”, which is the Swedish word for heritage. The new album tells the story of a man who lost everything but gained even more in return. By the time of the release Mattias went to the United States for a smaller tour in North Carolina where he achieved a lot of credit from the audiences at the venues.

The first single “Till låns” is a country-flavored song that emphasizes the value of being true to yourself and to value our time together. It’s also a look at today’s society where short-termed thinking is celebrated in front of a more sustainable long-term thinking. “Till låns” means that we can’t take life for granted, it’s only a loan. The single was also setting a tone for the rest of the album. “Arvet” deals with a bygone era and inherited behaviour patterns. At the same time it’s also a declaration of love for a better life revealed beyond the shadows.

The grandfather of Mattias fought the Russians in the Finnish winter war (1939-1940) and barely survived. In order to forget the horrors he turned to alcohol and gambling until he became a strict Christian. Mattias’s Norwegian grandmother escaped the Nazis, as she was a member of the Norwegian resistance group. Mattias says;

“Physically they survived the trauma but the war left wounds. Wounds that my family has struggled to overcome ever since. Understanding the history of my ancestors made me see my own life in a bigger picture. As kids we’re being taught to play various roles and my part was to support the others and to balance the energies of our unstable family.”

But, pretending everything was ok became unbearable in the long run. This way of living was doomed and a paradigm was about to take place. Life was changing in an unpredictable way but everything wasn’t getting worse. The dream to move ahead was a guiding star. Mattias continues:

“What I thought was a great loss was actually a big gain, a change into a brighter future. Life gave me a second chance and I took it. My perspective has changed since I claimed the right to own my past.”

The new album “Arvet” reflects upon the history of Mattias Lies and in his poetic lyrics we feel comforted and energized. Role models like Tom Petty and Neil Young are still present in his music but now in a much more subtle way. The new song material is written in Swedish but influences can be heard from several musical worlds – folk pop mixed with rock music. Play-full music with the distinctive voice of Mattias brings a glowing energy that is contagious from the time the first note strikes.

“Arvet” was released June 23rd and the album is available at Spotify, ITunes/ Apple Music, and Amazon etc. The music agency Dalapop was supporting the project and they also released the album on their label Valley Music. The album is produced and recorded by Mattias with a helping hand from Magnus Bergman, who produced the earlier albums “Messages”(2008) and “Still believe in Lies”(2013). Magnus also made the mix and mastering in his studio Little Big Pink.

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